My name is Anders Damsgaard and welcome to my webpage. Below is a list of random posts on Earth science, geodata, unix principles, and scientific computing.


A glacier flowing out of a laptop screen unto keyboard
Connecting to Aarhus University eduroam with wpa_supplicant
New job: Assistant Professor at Aarhus University
New paper out on subglacial shear simulation
AGU 2021 talk: Process-based modeling of glacial till advection
New paper out on sea ice ridging
brcon 2021 talk: Unix principles for science simulations
Sea ice talk: Floe-scale ridging in discrete element models for sea ice
New paper out on the coupled dynamics of ice, meltwater, and till
No VPN? No problem! Using SSH tunnels for remote access to closed networks
ESCO 2020 talk: The role of granular mechanics and porous flow for ice sheet behavior
brcon 2020 talk: Energy efficient programming in science
Recording screencasts and lectures on OpenBSD and Linux
Appearance on The Changelog podcast
The scholarref tools: never deal with journal webpages again
New homepage: front to back

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