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I have had my own webpage since 2002 (,, I use a webpage as a place to keep my contact information, software, notes, and research. The previous iteration (Fig. 1) was inspired by the 2015 April 1st retro-version of of, bringing back memories of the computing of yesteryear.

Old apperance of
Fig. 1: Appearance of until fall 2019

The previous backend was a Debian GNU/Linux virtual machine, first running at home and then in the cloud. It dynamically served the pages with Apache and PHP. However, PHP is notoriously insecure, as evident by the extensive list of vulnerabilities. Apache is not much better.

This weekend I finally made the long-overdue transition to a static web page, which improves security and performance. The backend is an OpenBSD instance at a cloud provider. There's a plethora of free static hosting providers available, but I prefer running and maintaining a server myself. The SSL certificate is provided by Let's Encrypt. The html front end is generated using Hiltjo Posthuma's saait and stagit.

I am keeping the retro theme, but all CSS is reduced to a bare minimum. The page is entirely free of cookies, javascript, and tracking. It is also 100% compatible with terminal browsers (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2: New seen with w3m.

I moved all of my personal software projects to my own git server at I do not trust corporations like Github (Microsoft), Gitlab, Sourceforce, etc., to always act in the users' best interest. However, for the time being I will continue to contribute to other software projects on these platforms.

My git server has a web interface which provides an overview of projects, commits, and files. Git access is possible through git (read only) and ssh (r/w) protocols.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems with the new infrastructure.